Connecting FinTechs

with Growth AdviSors


Our team of expert Growth Advisors specializes exclusively in financial services. Each carefully-selected advisor brings at least 20 years of experience in working with and for top financial institutions around the world, in addition to building and managing FinTech growth companies.

Leveraging their industry expertise and personal networks, our advisors provide targeted introductions along with specific strategic and tactical advice. As a result, our FinTech clients can better navigate the organizational complexities of commercial and private banks and accelerate the sales cycle.


C-Sweet's singular focus on the Financial Services industry enables us to offer clients a uniquely sophisticated level of insight. Our professional experience and knowledge of the various stakeholders ensures that we provide tailored, actionable guidance to our FinTech clients.


As active, experienced FinTech entrepreneurs, the team at C-Sweet has been in our clients' shoes: we are uniquely familiar with the challenges our clients face and have direct, hands-on experience navigating them. We believe this level of personal insight makes a real difference in the quality of advice we deliver.


Our network of Growth Advisors spans the globe, with a presence in nearly every top financial center. As a result of the breadth of C-Sweet's advisor network, we can offer our clients direct access to key contacts at more than 250 of the leading international and regional banks around the world.

This level of global reach is essential to effectively and efficiently building partnerships at large financial institutions with global footprints. Many international banks have regionalized decision centers that require simultaneously building out and nurturing separate channels in order to create scalable, lasting relationships.

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